Stonehenge was created in late 2009 to acquire and develop multifamily, office and mixed-use communities in the Southeastern US.  Our primary focus is to work efficiently and team up with other professionals to provide our equity partners a higher rate of return.  Stonehenge has assembled a highly professional and experienced team of development, construction, marketing and operating professionals through principals and third party relationships.  Stonehenge works as principal and as development consultants depending on the need of the project and/or our investment partners. 

Stonehenge principals have acquired and developed throughout the southeast for the last 20+ years.  The developments include suburban garden style, urban apartments, urban mixed-use projects, office redevelopment, office, retail and major commercial projects.  The recent projects had a primary focus on multifamily.   The principals of Stonehenge have either been involved in acquired, development, construction or consulting of over 12,000 multifamily units, 1.1 million sq ft hotel, 425,0000 sq ft office, 3 million sq ft major commercial and 650,000 sq ft of retail.  Stonehenge and its principals have recently developed/sold 9 multifamily projects, consulted on 5 multifamily developments and built/sold numerous homes. Stonehenge is currently consulting and pursuing multifamily projects that are surface parked urban and suburban developments

Stonehenge has a variety of equity partners and relationships that allow them to fit the structure to each asset based on size, location and timing in the market.  Stonehenge utilizes it “Consultant First” mentality on all projects.  They work to develop or consult for the equity partners.  This allows each project and property to have a story of its own based on the market and the partners included in the asset.