Stonehenge was started as a consulting firm, but we knew through time that the focus would be on development of primarily apartments.  With the consulting mindset, we always focus on the community needs as well as the partners desires.  We create a team approach on each project starting inside Stonehenge and then adding the best professionals for the location and property type.  Over our years of experience, we have gathered a group of great professionals to create the best project for the community as well as the investors.  We always focus our efforts on building a project that fits on each parcel, but also is not over-built or over-designed for the area and investors. 

One of the critical items to each project is making sure to find a market that is in need of supply and to match the best product to that demand.  Over the last cycle, Stonehenge focused on areas that were not yet transitioned, but had the economic drivers close by to start new submarkets.  As we have begun the next cycle, we find ourselves continuing this trend as well as hitting areas that are established and designing more cost effective and rent conscious assets. 

Stonehenge has found that each investment to date has come with a different economic structure.  We find that each project and partner drive that outcome and we must be flexible in this area.  Also, as discussed on our Consulting tab, we can be a development consultant if investor prefers full control or desires better returns over a joint venture.  We always look forward to this discussion as it brings new opportunity to challenge our financial engineering skills.