Stonehenge focuses primarily on the development of multifamily and mix-use projects. Stonehenge has a nitch in the market for investors who truly want to have long term holds or projects that they control more than a joint venture.  Stonehenge works with investors to determine their desires, their parameters, their locations and the outcomes for each project. We pursue projects for the investor or assist the investor once they find a piece of land, and together develop a great plan for the project. As a consultant, Stonehenge focuses on our expertise of pursuing land all the way through picking pillows.  Our expertise includes overseeing land entitlement, designing the project, and interior design which is why we say picking pillows. There is also the opportunity to assist anywhere in between.  A project could desire part time assistance which could include development management, construction management or a team approach. 

We have also teamed with investment partners and worked with their development team to assist them in their needs on time or specific project expertise. Our expertise in development allows us to see what the market needs, but also what the investor is desiring for the project once it’s completed. When you evaluate each project, you may view it as developers (build it then sell it/merchant build).  Investors aren’t always of that mentality, they might desire a long-term hold. With long term plans in mind, investors could be willing to spend additional money on certain areas of a project.  As development experts, our team looks at the outcome with the investor in mind rather than the developer. We also see where investors desire to be in full control of the project. However, most development companies prefer to be in control or in a majority decision over the outcome of the project.  Our ultimate goal is to assist our investors. 

As a company, we have a consultant mindset first. We look at each project and ask… “who are we building this for?”  Are we building for ourselves or for our investor? We are always looking at it for the investor.  With that mindset, we review each project and say what’s best for the investor. Sometimes we even evaluate a project and say this is just not the best project for your investment goals.